The Governor’s Mansion


I was asked by RJ Lavallee to film a series of séances for a client in Hampton Falls, NH and create trailers from the events. The client is believed to live in a home that is haunted and manifests high levels of spirit activity. Spirit guides would come to the house to train their craft. A TV crew from Ghost Hunters was at the house for a week during the period we were filming. The video footage we captured was used to make trailers and a stinger that was shopped around for a potential TV series.


We conducted on camera interviews with séance attendees to get their viewpoints on the validity of the séance event. We also shadowed spirit guides who were reputed to have the gift of being able to communicate with the dead and filmed their interactions as they walked through the haunted home. After each event I would edit the footage and create the trailers you see here. Our final task was to create a stinger, a longer format trailer, that would be used to shop around the concept of filming a reality show at the home. After filming, I edited the footage down to 6:21 minute and created the final video you see here.

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