Seesaw: 48 Hour Film Festival


The entry for the 48 Hour Film Festival – Milwaukee June 6, 2009. This was the second video I ever made. It was a lot of fun shooting with everyone on the tight time frame and getting a product turned around in 48 hours.

I was super excited to use a new lens adapter on my digital tape Canon HV20 and made (quite) a few mistakes on the shoot. One mistake, all of the glass in the lens adapter needed cleaning that I missed in my enthusiasm to shoot. And the lens adapter made the capture soft and could have been sharper. I never used the lens adapter much after this shoot. Another issue was that I had no idea how to capture good audio. There were plenty of other mistakes. But that’s why I like to do projects like this, to force myself to learn. You don’t truly learn it until you do it. A lot.

Looking back at this video I can’t help but cringe at some of the mistakes I made. It is useful as a piece of documentation to see how my video skills evolved over the years. The story and acting from family members still warm my heart. Overall I think for what it was, the video stands the test of time.

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