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In 2014 my girlfriend (now fiancée, it didn’t kill us!) and I started an architectural photography/videography business together. LUXE captures a homeowner’s remodeling process through high-end photo books and HGTV style video episodes.


One of my courses in the Boston College MBA program was a Business Development Workshop. I decided to use the workshop to investigate a real business that my girlfriend and I wanted to start. After the semester was over we had a business plan and started forming the business.

Setting up the business included all the fun things such as a Fed ID #, bank account, insurance, forming an LLC, etc. We targeted the Home Show in Boston’s Seaport to rent a booth and sell the business. We determined that since the idea was so different we would need to have completed an example project to display at the show. We worked with friends who happened to be starting a home remodeling project and executed the full service package. Once complete, we had videos, a photo book, a website, and supporting marketing material, some shown here.

I designed the identity, with my girlfriend acting as a consultant for feedback on the various iterations. She did the photography, I did the videos along with the website.

Once at the home show we realized that we were vastly more experienced as designers than salespeople. Talking to thousands of people gave us a great opportunity to gain immediate market feedback and allowed us to hone our pitch. By the third day of the show we had a refined pitch and comfort as salespeople.

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