IDeS at Boston College rebrand 2012


After being at Boston College for a year, I was asked to rebrand our department, Instructional Design and eTeaching Services (IDeS). The task was to use the Boston College brand to inform the new identity and capture core value of the department, supporting faculty in their teaching with technology. A new responsive website was to be part of the new identity, the first website to be responsive at Boston College.


The font used in the Boston College identity is Scala and Scala Sans, with a limited color palette of maroon and gold. I tweaked the maroon and gold and added a blue accent color.

After proposing multiple logos that included various complimentary fonts to the Scala family, we finalized the logo, iteration #05 seen here. Some logos are thrown out there just to get shitty ideas out in the open, never to be visited again. Others are loved so much, while not applicable in its current context, get a second chance at life somewhere else. See logo #15, also the logo for this website.

The new color palette and logo was then used to inform the website design. I prepared multiple wireframes to arrive at a resolution for the website structure and navigation. Boston College was still investigating a responsive website framework that would be used to serve content on mobile devices as well as desktops. Anticipating this direction, I created a responsive website from the 960 framework.

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