eTeaching Day 2014


In 2014 IDeS at Boston College had a new Director and Associate Director running the department after having lost the number two and three administrators for the department. A new voice and direction marked the new personality of the department. Besides the change in management, the department was under stress with a monumental task, the roll out of a new Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, to replace the current LMS which was outdated and hard to use. A friendly face and people first identity was the theme for all of the collateral for the the department’s biggest annual event.


I did an investigation of Canvas and the tools that would now be available to faculty and the overall benefit of improved connections among faculty and students. After presenting the concept to the department, it was approved as an identity to inform the analog collateral and digital content for eTeaching Day.

Since the department was all of the above stresses, it was suggested to make things as easy and carefree as possible. I was able to pull in attendee names and workshop selections from an Excel sheet and data merge the content within InDesign to create custom named tickets. In the past the department had folders for content to hand out with the Golden Ticket. This year the name badge served as the ticket and a brochure was designed with all of the necessary information that was previously handed out in the folder.

A new DSLR, video slide, and audio equipment allowed me to capture engaging video easier than ever. And I composed a custom score for the TWIN video in Logic Pro.

Design studies

Postcard v.01

Postcard v.02

Postcard v.03 FINAL

Custom name card

Event brochure


2014 TWIN video

Trivia video

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