Davis Residence


My architectural design firm, FŪSION Design Group, was commissioned to do the construction documents for this residence in Barrington Hills, IL. The project had already broken ground when we were approached, so we were creating construction documents in real-time while the residence was being constructed.

We created extensive details for the masonry work, especially the quoins and masonry headers/sills. The brick mortar joints had to meet perfectly with the stone joints. To ensure this happened,  we detailed every corner quoin and window for the masons.

The front stone Portico was supported with a custom designed steel structure. We detailed the metal brackets and connections that were used to hang each stone piece off of the steel structure. The stainless steel connections had an allowance for movement and can slide within a given tolerance to minimize the risk of the custom stone cracking.


Keep in mind, this was before I ever attended Architecture school or worked under another Architect. I made numerous site inspections to verify measurements, meet with the steel fabricator, consult with the Project Manager, and oversee various critical phases of the project. I would then return to our office to collaborate with my lead designer and engineer to further the construction documents. We successfully front-ran the construction and completed the documents.

I shot the photos with a point and shoot camera and created the photo book you see here as a gift for the client. The homeowner loved working with us, and after the project was complete, hired us to design a backyard patio and landscape feature. The photo book gift was so well received by the family that it planted a seed in my head that informed LUXE Lifestyle Group.

Photo Book

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