Our department, Instructional Design and eTeaching Services (IDeS) was tasked with rolling out a new Learning Management Software (LMS) for Boston College to replace the woefully outdated LMS, Blackboard. After years of investigation the final choice for a new LMS was Canvas. Even though the previous LMS was hard to use and lacked many modern user interface features that users came to expect in using the web, there was still a group of Blackboard users that didn’t want to switch. This hesitancy was primarily due to the time needed to invest into learning something new. My task was to brand the new LMS rollout in a way that made the new technology fun, approachable, and a welcome upgrade to the current LMS.


After proposing various themes for the brand and analyzing concepts that I created for each theme, it was decided by the department to move forward with a spy theme for the rollout. James Bond posters from the Sean Connery era were referenced. I created a series of movie posters that were to be used in promoting the new LMS. The brand identity also informed a promotional website.  I designed a website based on the Bootstrap framework to make the site responsive, making it only the third website at Boston College to be responsive.

When we were about to launch the promotional materials in the Summer of 2013 another spy of sorts was making news globally, Edward Snowden. With persistent news coverage of the NSA spying being reported that summer, it was deemed that our spy theme now had a negative perception that was not conducive to our promotional campaign.

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